Showmax increased subscribers using smart segmentation

Showmax used smart segmentation

Showmax increased subscribers using smart segmentation We are proud to be Showmax’s segmentation & creative strategy partner! Great to have an awesome platform like Braze to action & automate the strategy. Watch the Braze video in this post.

Acquisition or retention?

Acquisition or retention – surely they are part of the same customer journey? We all know the adage; it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. A great theory but in reality there is also a need to grow the customer base in order to prosper. … Read more

10 CRM Strategies


10 TIPS ACQUISITION & RETENTION TEAMS CAN ADOPT FOR SUCCESS We all know the adage; it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. More than 50% of companies spend more time and money on getting new customers through the door instead of trying to keep their … Read more

Measuring your Data driven strategy

Measuring your Data driven strategy

Tips on how measure your data driven strategy Measure the key impacts on the key customer metrics first – then consider the other impacts the communication may have had Consider different angles so that you can optimise – how engaging, what content drives engagement & conversion, what channel performs best and what is the overall … Read more

A wasted opportunity

A wasted opportunity

Listen to only part of what your customers say at your own peril… When will I stop seeing social media adverts for the products I have browsed and bought? The risk of not using one source of customer data (like browsing) – a wasted opportunity to connect with a customer and a disjointed experience.

Data Driven Marketing implementation tips

Data Driven Marketing implementation tips

Tips on effective implementation of a data driven marketing strategy How to get more out of your email Campaign, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. a) A/B test subject lines. b) Make sure emails are responsive. c) Optimize images. d) Add alt tags to all … Read more

Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing 6 tips

6 Tips for developing an effective data driven marketing strategy Start with what customers have told you – understand their level of engagement & their likes & dislikes first Base your insights on fact and supplement with good research and additional data and analytics. Come up with solid hypothesis, test it, and iterate. It’s all … Read more

Developing a customer strategy

As a business developing a customer strategy, what are the most important questions we need to answer? Take a look at our infographic explaining Data Pecking Order.

About those promises…

About those promises of “smart”, “personalised”, “data-driven” marketing… By Natalie McCrae, Director, Keystone Consulting I have a question for you: Is it enough for businesses to believe that as long as they are acquiring customers, retention will take care of itself? And at what point do you begin to put measures into place to avoid … Read more

Fashion Case Study

SHOPPER TRENDS THAT ARE CHANGING RETAIL Increased pressure on shopping budgets as shoppers trade-off against experiences (entertainment, holidays etc.) Increased expectations of service both online and in-store. Greater than ever promotional competition and discounting. Increase of social shopping and the role of micro-influencers. Increased requirement to connect emotionally as well as rationally with your shoppers. … Read more