6 Tips for developing an effective data driven marketing strategy

  1. Start with what customers have told you – understand their level of engagement & their likes & dislikes first
  2. Base your insights on fact and supplement with good research and additional data and analytics. Come up with solid hypothesis, test it, and iterate. It’s all about being agile.
  3. Do it for all your customers over a decent period of time. You might be surprised about who your most loyal customers actually are and what their key purchase drivers are.
  4. Understand where your customers head is at today and act. This will take your personalisation and relevance (and ROI) to the next level.
  5. Make sure you can keep all of these insights & scores up to date (real-time if need be!) and at your fingertips ready to use. You can’t act quickly if you need to “double check that” or you can only act on a days after a customer has triggered an event.
  6. Did I mention testing and iterating?